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ERM Training

ERM Ltd is a healthcare training forum for specialist in different training categories. Our training Facility is a home for specialist who offers exceptional cadres of certified areas such as Mandatory, Mental Health, Restraint, Complex care training and More.

CQC specifies that it is a legal requirement for health and social care staff to complete certain mandatory training as it relates to your special area of work. The employers are responsible for ensuring that all employees are qualified and that their training is up to date. We provide many trainings, including Managing of Actual or Potential Aggression, Mental Capacity Assessment, De-escalation techniques, Crisis management and so on;

ERM highly qualified, experienced and passionate professionals support the trainees in both theoretical and practical skills required to ensure the safety of both clients and staff through ways to ensure prevention of:

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    We are approved and accredited by several legislative bodies to ensure your organisation remains compliant. We deliver a number of open courses from our virtual classes to the face to face inhouse tailored towards your organisational needs.

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