International recruitment

How we solve your hiring challenges with nurses from overseas

ERM operates an open, transparent policy of equality which allows the organisation to recruit staff from all around the world. We regularly train, recruit and support skill workers such as support workers, nurses, doctors and other allied healthcare professionals to migrate and blend into our schemes effectively.

Every year, skilled professionals from across the world, including Europe, Australia, Africa, India and Others are interviewed and must be subjected to similar scrutiny to ensure compliance to the set standards/. In return, we offer you excellent benefits, such as:

  • One of the best pay in the sectors
  • Flexible job opportunities that match
  • Support with revalidation and developments
  • Support maintaining compliance & professionalism
  • Access to our Wellbeing, Support Hub and professional development needs
  • Access to specialist voluntary training, preparing you to provide the best care to our clients


Why choose Us

We always provide ongoing support to candidates, which includes assisting with the GMC/NMC/HCPC registration process, IELTS or getting the correct visa.

Our commitment to candidates also involves relocation support, which helps to ensure your newest hires hit the ground running when they arrive.

With a variety of locations available whether you’re looking for full time regular rotas or flexible shifts, 

To find out more about international recruitment, get in touch with our permanent team

There’s more

Our bespoke recruitment campaigns for our clients are designed to meet each individual clients’ needs and can include:

  • Team Training
  • Overseas visits
  • Email campaigns
  • Sponsored job posts
  • Targeted landing pages
  • Skype interview sessions
  • Social media and search engine advertising

If you would like to work alongside our fantastic team of specialist  are available to walk you through the process of joining our prestigious team

As an organisations which offer work experience, apprenticeship and internship programmes typically report significant benefits to their business.

Whatever stage you are in your career, we have a range of HR and L&D couching, mentoring and training designed to help you progress through your career in the people profession.

Explore our resources for information on providing effective work experience, apprenticeships and internship programmes. Also, discover tips for young people currently considering their future careers.

As a member of the ERM, you’re internationally recognised as a dedicated professional at the forefront of skills, learning and development. This commitment reflects positively on you as an individual member, the organisation you work for or with, and the profession as a whole. It’s a commitment that contributes to the reputation of the people profession.

Expand your learning experiences to develop and improve your global skills with us.  Your ongoing professional development doesn’t come just from formal or course-based learning, it comes from anything that helps you to develop and improve your practice.

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